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Front-end merchandising


Front-End Merchandising

The only third-party partner offering unbiased vendor billing solutions.
Front-end Merchandising
“Turn-key” checkout rack programs; from the creation of the display in terms of size and product space allocations to the negotiating and merchandising of the display areas to the vendor invoicing and collections!  
Maintain “Useful Life” Timelines to ensure facilitation of ALL checkout revenue   opportunities!
  New Rack Programs
  Pay-to-Stay  ~  Life Extension Programs
  Title Replacement Programs
Premiere Retail Services :
  Maintains Store Lists with Rack Styles & Quantities for accurate accounting of fixturing.
  Provides “turn-key” front-end management services – Publisher display negotiations & title placements, Publisher payment participation commitments, complete invoicing and collection processes.
  Maintains current category trending & rest-of-market performance, with an exhaustive database of current Publisher allowance programs.
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