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Experience shows that titles participating in a mainline feature promotion enjoy a 75-125% increase in sales. This brings more profit to your bottom line as well as the publisher. If you can carve out a front shelf area with signage on your mainline fixture, we can increase your profits substantially.  
Premiere will:  
  Solicit publishers on a regular basis for participation
  Determine appropriate themes for various time frames (holidays) through out the year
  Schedule the promotion with each publisher
  Maintain the promotion calendar
  Provide the calendar to your servicing wholesaler fro implementation
  Invoice the publishers for the promotion fee
  Collect and forward payments
Book publishers will support you with RDA / Co-Op funds for the promotion of their new releases. Are you collecting this support?  
Premiere will:  
  Assist in the process of approving new releases
  Assist in the negotiation of the level of support provided
  Collect information on the copies ordered
  Provide information to the book publisher on necessary signage / advertisements
  Invoice the publisher on a monthly basis
  Collect and forward payments
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