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PREMIERE RETAIL SERVICES is the only company whose primary commitment is the invoicing & collection of magazine RDA’s ~ without any outside conflicts of interest!
Everyone is busy these days and you may need assistance optimizing sales and profits. Currently, all magazine distributions are performed in New Jersey, Florida and Georgia. All too often we see surfing titles in mountain communities, snowboarding titles in beach communities, etc. This is wasting valuable space in your stores. 

Do you want to regain control of the magazine category? We can help.

Category Management
Premiere will:  
  Help with the creation and maintenance of a proper authorized title list
  Create a “MUST CARRY” list of the best of the best magazines all stores should carry
  Point out inefficiencies in distribution. Is the #3 title in a category being distributed to 10% of your stores while #12 is going into 90% of your stores?
  Are newly authorized titles being distributed?
  Are delisted titles being removed?
Do not laugh. These are problems we see everyday. It is imperative that you have control of this category, not someone else with their own best interest in mind. A successful Category Management program will substantially increase sales and bring greater profits to your bottom line.   
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