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RDA Administration: Why This is Best Left Up to the Professionals

RDA administration is best left to the professionals. “Why?” Because these professionals, like Premiere Retail Services, Inc., know exactly what they are doing as the results will demonstrate. This type of management makes life easier for companies that require this type of service. RDA (Retail Display Allowance) administration makes it possible for retailers to focus on what they need to, while simultaneously allowing the experts to do what they do best - handling the administration of RDA.

RDA administration firms handle a plethora of duties. These duties may vary depending on the firm. Some will offer more services, others will offer less. It will be important for a retailer to choose the company that offers the services they need most. It would make little sense to pay for services that a company doesn’t need. Therefore, the most robust offer may not be the best offer. But then again, it might.

Some firms specializing in RDA administration might be keeping the database of a publisher’s titles, maintenance of a client’s store lists (the stores that sell the publisher’s titles), recording all sold titles and quarterly submission of claims forms. In addition to the above, an RDA administrator might also include the compilation of claim summaries as well as the prompt payment of all collected monies and cross references of outstanding claims.

Not everyone has the skills needed to administer Retail Display Allowance. It’s not easy and many consider it to be difficult. In fact, it poses quite a challenge for countless companies. For this reason, most if not all choose to outsource this task. It makes things easier and allows retailers to receive payments much faster than they could manage on their own. The faster a company can collect their money the better. The opposite is also true. The longer it takes a retailer to collect monies that are rightfully theirs, the worse off they are.

RDA administration is a specialized field and is often best left to the professionals. A retailer having trouble with anything involved with RDA administration duties may want to outsource them to a third party. Once they do, they will find that there are a number of options available to them. Finding a firm that is best suited to handle their particular needs will be very important. The right company can make things much easier. The wrong one can do just the opposite. Therefore, when seeking RDA Administration it is best left up to the professionals.

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