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Why Front End Management Services Are Important to Retailers

Front end merchandise is definitely a big factor to the retailers. However, a lot of retailers never realize its potential and thus miss opportunities for making big profits from impulse sales. You may have a great line of merchandise, or have extensive product knowledge. But if you don't have a great front end and the customer's unfavorable (or flat) reaction or experience towards it, which may lead to a drop in your overall sales.

Retailers have to realize why front end management services are important. We recommend these key practices that retailers will want to follow:

  • Study and understand the behavior of your customers. This will help you and your store to adapt to their needs and wants. Set up front end checkout displays that will reflect their purchasing behavior.
  • Sell items that you think most shoppers buy, or are most likely to buy. Think of the items that are frequently bought, or usually bought on impulse. These include magazines, confectionery, snacks, and beverages.
  • When displaying top-selling magazines, make sure that you carry the right titles in the key placements -- these are more important than selling a large volume of magazines.
  • Promote products with good deals -- who can resist them? These "buy one, get one" items will make a good value for customers to purchase.
  • Bring something novel into your store. Shoppers love to see something new, fresh and original. It is best to place these novelty items at the front end display so that it will save customers time from checking them out through the aisles. Don't forget about trends. Display items that you think are the hot sellers right now.

As important as the front end displays are, they have the strong potential to increase your business' growth and profits, it is also important to hire a front end management services. A lot of retailers think they can manage the front end on their own, but it can actually be more complicated than it sounds. This is especially true when doing Retail Display Alllowance (RDA), which involves keeping tabs of the number of titles sold, magazine rebate invoicing, and dealing with the staggering volumes of publisher contracts. It also involves chasing down publishers for the overdue rebate claims.

Front end management services handled by a professional and experienced RDA administration firm will save the retailers from these hassles. They will further help boost the potential collection of your magazine RDA's, and at the same time allowing you to focus on selling front end merchandise like magazines, beverages and other items that are often impulse purchases. Make sure that the firm is legitimate so that you can expect accurate, reliable, and timely reporting to the publishers.

This is why the proper front end management services are important to retailers, especially when they are held by a professional company like Premiere Retail Service, Inc. These firms offer convenience to the retailers and give them the incentive to sell more products with front end management services.

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