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Why Do You Need RDA Administration?

Retail Display Allowance Administration refers to someone who handles the RDA records for a retail establishment. While the program is one that carries inherent advantages, especially for small businesses, it also requires a bit of red tape. RDA administration will allow a business to get its proper payment from the program without having to deal with the hassle of red tape.

Retail Display Allowance (RDA) is a program that gives a rebate to retailers for the magazines they sell. While it used to be a very limited program, it has expanded to all retailers instead, as long as the retailer fills out the requisite paperwork and sends it in.

Because RDA is usually paid by estimating from the previous quarter’s sales, adjustments need to be made afterward. This makes the administration a bit convoluted at times. Allowing a professional company such as Premiere Retail Services to administer this for you will save you time and hassle, and help you to get the most out of the RDA. Hiring an experienced company to administrate RDA for a small business means that a small business can better compete with its larger competitors in the magazine side of business.

Outsourcing RDA administration is often a wise idea since it allows someone more experienced to deal with publishers, fill out rebate forms (which can often be complicated), and use their own time to take care of everything. This frees up the retail establishment to handle retail things, which is the focus of their business.

If you hire the right firm, you can also benefit from their knowledge by learning more about how to best display the magazines. They can also suggest which magazines are best to display in specific locations to bring in the most profit, both from regular sales and from the RDA rebates.

The firm will also inventory magazines, track sales, reconcile purchase and sales numbers, and fill out forms. The sheer amount of information gathered, aggregated, and processed would likely take a full time employee to handle if you chose to have an individual within your company to do it. Since a professional company already has the knowledge required, and no training is needed, it is generally simpler and much more cost-effective just to relegate the administration to someone who is already in the business of handling such matters.

RDA administration is perhaps not something that every retailer must have in order to survive in the business, but it certainly does go a long way toward helping a business make the most of the resources available to them. Retailers have stock, payroll, sales records, and purchasing to handle – why add RDA administration if you don’t have to?

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