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What is a Magazine Display Allowance?

When it comes to the world of retail sales, you may often hear the term ‘magazine display allowance’ while discussing your sales agreements with various periodical media providers. This is additional revenue that publishers pay retailers selling their periodicals, as an incentive to display their titles in an attractive fashion and for the entire sales term.

The majority of all magazine display allowance offers equal 10% of the cover price of the magazine or periodical. There are some titles that pay a flat rate based on a “per display” basis. However, not all titles pay the same rate, or provide magazine display allowances at all. Your total overall magazine display allowance for the category should fall somewhere in the vicinity of five to eight percent of your yearly magazine sales at regular cover price.

Magazine displays can be found in just about every grocery store, convenience store, pharmacy or drug store, chain stores and independently-owned retailers. For each magazine (and several other types of periodicals) the retailer has on display, there are various inventory counts, statement reviews, summaries and claim forms that need to be completed in order to submit a request for display allowance compensation. This can become an arduous task in light of the number of magazine titles, the various frequencies of all of these titles, the sheer number of publishers and the amount of paperwork required . . . and keep in mind - this process must be completed on a quarterly basis! On many occasions, these retailers will enlist the help of an advisory company, such as Premiere Retail, in order to have their magazine display allowance claims and invoicing handled by a third party.

Knowing how busy you are running your business, we know there are more important things for you to do than worry about claiming and receiving various payments (as well as reconciling the payments upon receipt). We can help make your magazine display allowance invoicing and collection processes that much easier. You can rest assured that with Premiere Retail, we can not only help you with timely execution of all your rebate claims, but you will also find that we can offer you excellent service with your front-end merchandising and any featured promotional needs as well.

Visit us at for more information on how we can help with your magazine display allowance needs, or for information on any of our other services. We’d be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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