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Using Magazine Promotions to Help Sell Magazines

Marketing and magazine promotions, as with all other products, take a lot of work. Promotion is obviously crucial to the growth of your retail business, especially when you are facing tough competition and most especially with the rise of digital media. If thought out and implemented carefully and creatively, you will be able to enjoy great sales and even manage to buck the market downtrend.

Magazine promotions at retail stores are often done through point-of-sale (POS) displays. The titles are displayed near or around the checkout counter, so that the customer who lines up at the counter may take an interest in the magazines, pick them up, browse and most likely buys them. This consumer behavior is called "impulse buying."

But point-of-sale displays aren't the only one to entice customers into buying magazines.

Polybags or plastic cover wraps can help in boosting the magazine's sales, if done selectively and carefully. For example, you can sell established titles in polybags because you know that consumers are already aware of the name. If you decide to add brand-new titles to your store, however, choose the ones that do not have the polybag -- people want to have a look first at what's inside these new magazines.

Still on the polybags, you can choose titles with something more extra. For instance, if you decide to sell magazines about fishing, choose a title that comes with a polybagged small handbook about the kinds of fish baits, and/or a quick guide to fishing for beginners.

"Belly bands" are also a nice idea to promote your line of magazines. They are an effective means of relaying a message or promoting something to a particular niche market or targeted audience. Because people have to remove the belly bands first to open the magazine, they are mostly likely to take notice the ads printed on the belly bands. A lot of advertisers use belly bands as a teaser which may lead the reader to open the magazine and read the related contents inside.

Another good idea is to sell "alternative titles" that focus more on what's new, what's hot and what's trending. And most of us love the newest trends in everything -- music, fashion, food fads, hobbies, etc. We know that "adult" coloring books are quite a trend these days. Choose a title that includes topics on adult coloring or even include coloring sample materials.

Some publishers decide to release the print magazines first before releasing them in their digital editions online. They don't reveal the editorial content on their websites until their printed version has spent a specific amount of time on the newsstands. Some publishers put a "teaser" online about the upcoming release of their latest edition.

These are some of the magazine promotions that publishers use to help sell their titles. Taking advantage of their strategies will help boost your magazine sales and eventually lead you to sell more titles.

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