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Using Magazine Promotions to Draw in Customers

All stores want to entice customers to come in and look around hoping that they’ll make a purchase. Have you thought of using magazine promotions to draw in customers? It may be an untapped method of bringing customers to your store.

Think about the most popular topics today. You can look for magazines which correspond to ‘hot’ topics and create magazine promotions to draw in customers. How would this look? Consider the following:

The state of the economy and how average Americans are struggling to make ends meet is on nearly everyone’s mind. You could choose a few magazines which offer advice and create a display to be placed near the entrance. Everyone who passes the display will see it and many will stop. Perhaps you can offer a special discount for the magazines on the display?

Tax season is upon us and anyone who pays taxes is looking for ways to make this time of year less stressful. Set up a display of items which can be used for tax season as well as financial magazines which offer additional help. By bringing these items together can benefit both your customer’s and your store.

People usually begin thinking about losing weight and getting healthy at the beginning of the New Year. Take advantage of this time by using magazine promotions to draw in customers. Gather together diet and exercise magazines. Set up a display featuring these magazines and offer a discount for people buying a magazine or a discount for multiple purchases!

Think about the various holidays during the year. You can have a separate magazine promotion for each one if you plan accordingly. Wedding season generally starts in May or June but the event planning starts months before the actual date; how can you focus on wedding magazines in a way that brides-to-be will come to your store for their bridal magazine needs?

What about sports magazines? How can you capitalize on sports to bring more customers into your store? Invite a sport star who was recently featured on a magazine to make an appearance. If this works out, you can order extra magazines for the day of the appearance so customers have something for the sport star to sign.

Depending upon the type of promotion you create, it’s highly likely that customers will tell their friends and family about the magazines promotions you offer. The promotion possibilities are endless.

Premiere Retail Services has years of experience in the promotion field and are very capable of creating a custom promotion to fit all needs and to generate excitement within this category – drawing customer’s to your store!

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