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Turn Book Promotions into More Front End Sales

Building profit for your business can be boosted by knowing how to turn book promotions into more front end sales. Putting together a promotional package may work best by sitting down with a retail specialist, like one of the experienced staff at Premiere Retail Services, Inc.. It is important that you get the customers to see the books that you are featuring and that they pick it up and make the purchase.

Top Secrets to Turn Book Promotions into More Front End Sales

  Meet the Author. Set up a book signing with the author, particularly if there are local ties. People that know the author will come in for support and that crowd will help draw in even more potential customers.
  Put together a package deal that combines the purchase of the book with a discount on another item or even a free item during the next shopping trip. The key to using book promotions to increase the front end bottom line is to get the buyer to pick up more items and to return to the store another day.
  Take advantage of the launch. Use the ads that the publisher puts out for the new release of a book to your advantage. Put up signs that remind shoppers that you carry the new release. Place the ads for the release in your window with a sign telling people that they can purchase their copy in your store.
  Make it easy for the shoppers to find the book, but put it in a location that will take them past other items. The flow of traffic through the store to purchase a book can help increase the sales in other locations.
  Offer incentives to your employees. Let them know that for every certain number of books that are sold they will get an special or bonus. You will get more sales when you get the staff behind the product.

Building your business requires taking all the steps to discover income opportunities. Books sales can be a way to increase the bottom line and encourage shoppers to return to your store in the future. Get the author and publisher involved by setting up signings and utilizing their marketing products. Put into practice offering coupons and discounts on future purchases. Encourage sales staff to promote the books you are featuring. Looking in new directions can be the key to turn book promotions into more front end sales for you retail business.

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