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Tips for Successful Magazine Promotions

Finding creative ways to develop successful magazine promotions can push your retail sales to a level you may not have expected. The tough economy has pinched many retail stores. Magazines provide a solid cash product that can give your store a lifeline for getting through the troubled times.

The staff at Premiere Retail Services has the experience and the knowledge to guide you in creating a promotional plan specific to your needs and your location. We will work with you to understand your customer base and how to make the most of your store layout. Combining your retail experience and our market expertise will help you push your retail magazine sales to the highest you have seen.

Develop a Successful Magazine Promotion Plan

  Review the design of your magazine racks. Use magazine rebate invoicing and retail sales to determine the best placement of the racks and also the best placement of each individual magazine title.
  Connect the products of your retail store with the different titles of the magazines. Use the two to create a package that draws in your customers but still provides a solid profit margin.
  Find a company with the experience and expertise to guide your magazine promotional campaigns. Premiere Retail Services has worked with retail companies and increased profits up to 600% in some situations. We will put our abilities behind your retail market and help with developing a successful program.
  Create a budget that works for your promotional needs. Be sure that the bottom line of the plan not only remains in the black but also helps to drive your profit margins to higher levels.
  Use magazines to promote sales in the rest of your stores. Promote grilling magazines in the meat department, glamour magazines in the cosmetic aisle, etc.

Remember that the majority of customers may not come into the retail store to purchase a magazine. Research has shown that as many as 2/3 of all magazine purchases are impulse buys. Tapping into those impulse purchases can help you propel your profits and give you the boost to get beyond the lagging economy.

Premiere Retail Services has the plan to push your retails sales to the top. Our guidance will help you put together successful magazine promotions to drive your retail business further than you may have imagined possible.

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