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Secrets to Successful Book Promotions

Making products stand out is the best way to create successful book promotions within your store locations. The staff of Premiere Retail Services, Inc. understands the dynamics of your business and how to catch the attention of your customers which translates into book sales and cash register rings! A few simple ideas can help you increase your book sales and overall profits.

Tips for Successful Book Promotions

  Give away a promotional item that links to the book with each purchase. Bags with the book cover printed on the front, or even items that are featured in the book (like lipstick or other general merchandise products), can all catch the attention of potential buyers.
  Bring in the author. Book signings do not have to be limited to book stores. Most authors are looking for places that are willing to host a book signing. Be sure to schedule the event when it will cause the least amount of distractions or difficulties for your other regular customers.
  Run a contest associated with the book. Offer a chance to enter a contest with a prize that would be associated with the book's plot or setting or that would go along with the book. The chance to win does not have to be associated with a purchase, but the registration should be located where the book is displayed.
  Do a BOGO (buy one get one) offer. Pair up a backlisted title by the same author with a new release. Other BOGO alternatives - package together two completely different items that can be sold at a discount as one purchase.
  Work around the holidays. Make the most of a holiday event by connecting book discounts with the special day. Offer a discount to customers that come in dressed to celebrate the holiday or that provide the key word you create to relate to the holiday or the book.
  Get the word out. No matter what direction you take your marketing plan, be sure that you let people know. Put up signs, send out email notices or post cards and give a verbal reminder to your customers as they leave the store.

Think about your potential customers for the book and then create a marketing plan that will target those particular customers. Use a number of different ideas and be sure to keep a record of what works best in your location for future reference. Creativity will help you develop successful book promotions.

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