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Secrets to Magazine Promotions

Building up a strong magazine retail business often means utilizing some secrets to magazine promotions that will get readers to come through your doors and buy the products that you offer. The staff at Premiere Retail Services, Inc. can work with you to develop a plan that will help you make the most of these marketing opportunities. Put your racks to work making money for your business by developing a strong foundation for your magazine promotions.

Top Secrets to Magazine Promotions

  Start with a plan. You need to have a budget for your promotions, but you also need to have a direction for them. Working with a retail specialist can help you develop a plan that will fit your budget, your store and your magazine lists.
  Look at possible cross promotions. Connect one product with another. Those incentives that bring multiple products together are often the breaking point needed to get a customer to buy that item that might otherwise have been left on the shelf.
  Connect with the holiday season. Highlight the articles in the magazines that connect with holiday needs or season trends. Get the readers excited about what they will learn or gain from making the purchase.
  Develop displays around the magazines. This works with both the holiday season focus and with the cross promotions. Put items around or near the magazine that bring attention to the articles inside or that are related to those articles.
  Take advantage of publisher incentives. Some publishers will provide discounts or other benefits to those customers making multiple purchases. Be sure these incentives are made known so that customers will add more magazine titles to their basket.
  Create a rewards program. Encourage customers to return to your store for all of their magazine needs by offering a rewards card that keeps up with the number of magazines they have purchased. After they reach a certain number they can cash in the card for discounts or other rewards for products in your store.

Building the front end of your business can help ensure your financial stability even in this economy today. Getting customers to purchase items that they may have left on the shelf will increase your overall profit margin. Developing return customers that choose your store for their magazine needs will add to that profit line. Creating a plan that makes the most of publisher incentives and display developments will take your front end to the place that you need it to be. Learn the secrets of magazine promotions to help build a foundation for your business success.

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