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RDA Collections: Tips for Hiring an RDA Administration Team

A competent administration staff is necessary to operate a business smoothly on a regular basis, and this is no different in the world of retail.

Retailers can receive a retail display allowance (RDA), which is a compensation or rebate given to them by the publishers for the magazines that retailers display and sell in their stores. RDA's are usually in the form of cash. However, to receive the monies, an RDA collections firm may be needed.

Obtaining RDA funds is a good opportunity for retailers to add more magazine titles and boost their revenues. Some retailers, in an effort to cut corners, will try to get the RDA on their own. However, they will soon find that there's a flurry work involved, from the contract signing to tracking magazine sales and recording the inventory and submitting claim forms. Not to mention the work also deals with the different publishers, various magazine titles and overwhelming paperwork. This complicated process is also time-consuming -- and take that, these are done on a quarterly basis at that!

For this, retailers need to entail the services of an RDA administration team. Being aware how complex this job will be, retailers should not hire just another company who pretends to know this department. For retailers, here are some good tips for hiring an RDA administration team to get their RDA's:

1. Contacts with major publishers
Since not all publishers do not offer RDA's it's good for the retailers to look for the publishers that do offer them. But they do not wish to waste their time making hit-or-miss guesses. Hiring a legitimate RDA administration team is the solution because it has contacts with the major publishers who do offer them. The staff will help retailers obtain RDA's for their respective stores by directly dealing with these publishers.

2. Experience
A retailer who attempts to do the RDA management is likely to end up frustrated because of utter lack of experience. A retailers must choose an RDA administration staff, preferably those who have long years of experience, who knows the ins and outs of this complex job.

3. References
Any good and reputable RDA administration is willing to give references to retailers when the latter asks for them. When retailers contact past clients they should be honest and real in their approach without being a bit pushy. Explain the past clients that you are considering this certain RDA administration team as an integral part of your staff. Also, tell the referees that you would appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, that they would like to provide.

Considering the complex nature of this job and the amount of time being spent on it, it makes sense for retailers to hire an RDA administration team to handle this task for them. A professional and legitimate RDA collections staff will definitely make a competent partner for retailers. All in all, this will bring increased profits for the retailers and an incentive for them to display and sell more magazine titles in their own stores.

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