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RDA Collections: Get This Right or Else!

Retail Display Allowance collections are the monies paid to retailers in exchange for displaying and selling a company’s title. RDA is given, in large part, to obtain better placement in stores. The better placement and positioning a publisher gets, the more copies they are likely to sell. The converse is also true. The worse positioning a publisher’s title receives the fewer copies they can expect to sell unless the publisher and subsequent title is well known. Companies such as Premiere Retail Services, Inc. can help ensure your company gets the RDA collections it deserves.

RDA collections are not easy. In fact, the process can get rather complicated, especially when there are numerous suppliers, publishers and titles involved. Many retailers outsource RDA collections to a professional firm who specializes in this sort of collection. Doing so has numerous benefits. It allows retailers to focus on what they do best, sell products instead of chasing down publishers for their RDA.

A company that specializes in RDA collections knows exactly what they are doing. Rather than having to learn how to collect RDA on the go, this type of company knows exactly what they are doing. Aside from the process going smoother, the company who hires an RDA collections company will be able to receive their money sooner which makes it a very attractive option.

RDA collections, when handled by the retailer, can be very expensive due to not understanding the process. In order to cut costs, it is often best to work with a professional collections firm. Doing so gives retailers the most “bang for their buck.” Why leave success to chance when it is not necessary to? Retailers shouldn’t unless they have someone on staff who is already experienced with this sort of collection.

When shopping around for a RDA collections firm it is important to know which qualities to look for. The company should be experienced, proven and have a great reputation. Once a retailer finds a RDA collections agency with these qualities, they should move forward and schedule an interview. After they have done so, and their questions have been answered to their satisfaction, they will be in a position to make a hiring decision.

In summary, retailers that don’t want to be bothered with RDA collections should consider hiring an outside firm to handle it. This will give them more time to focus on their core competencies while increasing the rate in which they are paid for their outstanding RDA collections.

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