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RDA Administration – Understanding Why You Need an Experienced Firm

RDA administration is something most retailers either do not understand the importance of or they do not want to be bothered with it. Unfortunately, those retailers are losing a fair amount of money. Having an experienced RDA administration firm can make all the difference between seeing a profit or suffering a loss each quarter.

What is retail display allowance (RDA) and why is it important to work with an experienced firm? RDA is a rebate that most magazine publishers give each quarter for selling their magazines in a store. Smaller, independent stores obviously do not have the space to display large numbers of magazines, but that doesn’t mean they cannot compete. With an experienced RDA administration firm, a small store can complete with stores such as Barnes & Noble or Books-a-Million. Since the RDA administration firm will have a contract with the major publishers, they are able to ensure the smaller stores receive the RDA rebates they should receive.

Not only will an experienced RDA administration firm ensure stores receive the funds they are due, they will also track magazine sales, ensure all magazine sales are accounted for and send the rebate request to each magazine publisher in a timely manner. This will reduce the amount of time a retail establishment must wait before receiving their rebates.

Do you have to hire a professional RDA administration firm to handle this quarterly task? Obviously, the answer is no. You can attempt to track magazine sales on your own, fill out the sometimes complicated rebate forms and deal with publishers. Unfortunately, you may have to hire someone to handle RDA rebates and that would be all they would have time to do.

Instead, it makes more sense to hire, or outsource, this quarterly task to a firm that understands retail display allowance and everything needed to ensure you receive the money that is due to you. Hiring a firm to handle this task also frees you, or someone assigned this task, to do other work that will bring your company profits. All-in-all, hiring an RDA administration firm simply makes fiscal sense.

An added benefit of hiring an experienced firm is that they can provide training for your employees to help you earn more RDA rebates. How can they do this? Since they are knowledgeable about magazine publications, they can offer suggestions on how to get the most from your magazine displays. They can show you how to arrange the magazines the ones that offer the highest retail display allowance are front-and-center making them more likely to be purchased than magazines further back on the rack.

As you can tell, hiring an experienced firm to handle these tasks makes sense. If you are ready to hand over this time consuming and sometimes frustrating chore, the experts at Premiere Retail Services, Inc. have a combined 46 years of retail display allowance experience and are available to speak with you. As a retailer, you could choose to work with a company that has less RDA administration experience, but you would be doing yourself a disservice.

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