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RDA Administration – Outsourcing RDA Administration Tasks

RDA administration, or retail display allowance administration, is something retail stores selling magazines have to deal with regularly. Each quarter they have to invoice publishers if they want to receive the monies owed to them for selling the various magazine titles. Outsourcing RDA administration tasks allows retailers to concentrate on other tasks associated with their business rather than being bogged down with a task that can be time consuming.

Magazine publishers are not eager to share their profits, and therefore will not go out of their way to ensure RDA monies are distributed quarterly to retailers. If the retailer doesn’t ask for the RDA owed to them, it will not be given. This where an RDA administration firm like Premiere Retail Services, Inc. can be helpful. They will help you get the monies you deserve.

Each year millions of magazines will make their way into homes, some through annual subscriptions, but also many due to spur-of-the-moment purchases. Retailers earn as much as 10% of the cover price for each magazine sold. Considering some retailers offer 100 or more titles to their shoppers, and they earn money for each magazine sold, the total earned each month could be substantial. Not taking advantage of RDA collections can mean the retailer loses potential profits.

As stated, publishers aren’t forthcoming with sending funds without a claim requesting them. Outsourcing RDA administration tasks will ensure retailers don’t have to spend the time and effort to track the titles the retailer sells or the number of magazines sold of each title. In fact, an RDA administrator can help you get the most money each quarter because they understand the ins and outs of RDA collections.

Some of the tasks an RDA administrator will handle include:

  • Soliciting publishing companies for RDA contracts if your company does not already have them set up. Providing the list of magazine titles your store sells will ensure the RDA administrator contacts each publisher.
  • Maintains a list of all titles sold and keeps a database to track any changes in titles or numbers of magazines available for each title.
  • Works with your magazine supplier to ensure there is an accurate accounting for magazine sales and the claim amount sent is correct.
  • Prepares and submits claims on a quarterly basis directly with publishers to ensure your company receives credit for every magazine sold during the reporting period.
  • Tracks payments received each quarter and then resubmits claims where necessary.

Outsourcing RDA administration tasks allows the retailer to reap the rewards of another company’s efforts. Rather than having one staff member devoted to RDA collections, that person can perform other tasks necessary to running your retail establishment. Premiere Retail Services, Inc. is available to help you with your RDA administration tasks and seeing that you receive the monies owed to you from retail display allowances.

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