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RDA Administration Firms Know About RDA Collections

Do you want to know what RDA administration is all about? RDA stands for Retail Display Allowance. It is a rebate given by the publisher to the retailers for selling the magazines in their stores. In this sense, a publisher rewards the retailer for prominently displaying its titles where customers will easily find them. Almost all RDA rebates are paid in the form of cash.

RDA has been a part of the magazine industry for many years. It was developed as an incentive for retailers to increase and diversify titles in their magazine offerings. Not all magazine publishers offer RDA, but it definitely helps especially when launching new titles.

RDA is collected quarterly and paid out semi-annually to settle administration expenses. Retailers must submit proper requirements to magazine publishers in order to avail themselves of the RDA collections. While this may sound simple, RDA collection is otherwise an involved, complex, and laborious task. Those who are not trained to handle them find the tasks related to RDA administration to be a frustrating job. Retailers who attempt to do the magazine rebate invoicing, tracking the titles, and determining the profit level themselves may think that it will save some money. However, since retailers don't have experience in this line of work, not only they will lose money in the process but also they may also lose their focus on their primary task of managing their store.

Part of what retailers who attempt to the RDA administration find to be overwhelming is dealing with large volumes of publisher contracts. Besides, the task will consume a lot of their precious time that they should have devoted to managing their business. For this reason, many retailers choose to hire someone to get things in order – and that someone should be experienced in this field such as an RDA administration firm.

First of all, of course, there should be a written contract existing between the retailer and the publisher (or national distributor), just like in all other business transactions. A retailer must request an RDA contract from the publisher by filling out some forms and obtaining pertinent documents. Then the retailer must submit all of these to the publisher.

A retailer should also hire an experienced RDA administration firm, such as Premiere Retail Services, Inc. An RDA administration firm has no connections with the publisher (or national distributor) and operates on its own as a separate business entity. For this, you will also need another contract with an RDA administration firm.

Before you may raise some objections to this – as a retailer, you're expected to pay for the services of an RDA administration firm. But it will save you more money and trouble in the long run, because an RDA administration firm knows what it's doing. Besides, there are benefits of hiring one:

  1. Retailers don't have to do all the tracking of the magazine sales because the RDA administration firm will do it for them.
  2. The RDA administration firm will also have the job of magazine invoicing and collection. The firm prepares an invoice and submits it to publisher, after it has completed all the paperwork associated with the claim.
  3. Retailers won't have the trouble themselves with going after publishers for the rebate claims. The RDA administration firm handles this task.
  4. There will be less tedious paperwork on the retailers' part because an RDA administration firm will be the ones to manage all paperwork required to ensure the retailer receives what they are owed.
  5. An RDA administration firm will maximize a retailer's earnings potential as well as the collection of the magazine RDA's. Why is that so? Because an RDA administration firm ensures excellent, prompt reporting to publishers. This will provide a great incentive for magazine retailers to sell a wide variety of titles in their stores.

Retailers who attempt to do the RDA administration themselves may find it frustrating because of its complexity. They will either give up altogether or miss out on potential money because of this. To avoid all these frustrations, contact us at Premiere Retail Services, Inc. by calling 925-371-5800 or sending an email to Get us working for you today and find out why we are one of the most trusted RDA administration firms in the country. We are totally committed to the invoicing and collection of magazine RDA's.

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