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RDA Administration - Finding the Right Firm to Work With

RDA means "retail display allowance" -- the reward or compensation that retailers receive from the publishers for displaying and selling the publisher's magazines on their stores. Most retailers find working with an RDA Administration firm like Premiere Retail Services, Inc. is the best way to receive the reimbursements they are due.

What is the purpose of RDA? The main purpose of RDA is to give a financial incentive to the retailers to display and sell more magazines titles. RDA has been in the retail industry for many years, but not all publishers are obliged to offer RDA's to retailers. So if you want to add some extra income to your store by selling magazine titles then you might have to find a publisher that offers an RDA.

RDA is collected quarterly and paid out semi-annually to arrange administration expenses. But first of course, there's some work to do. The retailer should submit the proper requirements and documents to magazine publisher. And there's the real work -- tracking down and recording the titles sold and submitting invoices and claim documents to the publisher quarterly, and do a follow-up on the payments. If a retailer tries to do all of them while trying to sell magazines at the same time, this is no laughing matter -- receiving RDA's is more difficult than it seems.

In fact, managing RDA's are complex and may distract you from your chief focus -- selling magazine titles. Not only does it involve lots of paperwork, but at the same time if you don't fully comprehend what a magazine retail allowance really is will lead you to commit mistakes that will cost you a lot of money.

That's why it is best to hire a professional who knows all about magazine retail allowance, such as an RDA administration firm. But you shouldn't find just any RDA administration firm. A good firm to work with should preferably have many years of experience in the field. RDA administration firms should also have no connections with the publisher (or national distributor) and operates on its own.

With a good RDA administration firm, retailers do not have to do tracking of the magazines, the task of invoicing and doing follow-ups of the payments. All they have to do is to sell magazines while the RDA administration firm handles all the paperwork, the invoicing, the prompt reporting of sales and updating of payments (even the late payments from the publishers). Retailers don't have to worry about the legal implications if they do not carry out the RDA administration properly.

If you think that you may spend a lot by hiring an RDA administration firm, think again. Working with a professional firm to handle your magazine retail allowance will even maximize your earnings potential because with their professional managing, it will inspire you to add more magazine titles to your store.

With the right RDA administration to work with, you won't face frustrations of running after publishers who may delay their payments. A professional and experienced RDA administration firm does the work to get your well-deserved reward.

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