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Maximizing Your Front-End Merchandising Efforts

Maximizing your front-end merchandising efforts can help you increase the profitability of your business. Research has shown that almost one-fifth of all customers will buy something off of the checkout stand and this shows a decline in front-end purchasing over the last several years. The consumer base has changed the way it makes purchases. The staff at Premiere Retail Services, Inc. can help you understand these changes and help you adjust to better meet the needs of your customers.

Tips for Maximizing Front-end Merchandising

  Potential profits - The right front-end merchandising plan can help increase your sales and your profits.
  Product over placement - The majority of the front-end income (over 80 percent according to some estimates) comes from the actual sale of products with a much smaller percentage coming from placement fees.
  Focused categories - Some products are more prone to impulse purchases. Choosing to put these products in the premium locations of your front-end merchandising can help you increase your sales.
  High Impulse Products include Gum and mint, other candy, magazines and soft drinks.
  Highlight specials - Take advantage of signature products or seasonal sales by creating eye-catching displays that feature the merchandise.
  Space saving ideas - Create racks that feature the products but take up less space. Magazine racks that are built to sit at eye level free up other space and also make the magazines more appealing to the customer base.
  Keep clear – side-stacks, floorstands and moveable displays create inaccessibility to the products displayed on the checkout racks and will negatively affect the sales of the items! Because of the high impulse sales nature of the items on these front-end merchandisers, every day counts. Eliminate blockage to help maximize your front-end merchandising efforts.

Increasing profits can sometimes be as simple as changing out a few displays. The front-end displays can provide a boost to your income without too much effort. Understanding the shopping habits of your customers and the income potential of products can move you in the right direction. Developing appealing displays that feature a changing variety of products can be the next step. The staff at Premiere Retail Services can help you develop a firm plan for product placement that will assist you in maximizing your front-end merchandising efforts.

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