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Book Promotions: Maximizing Your Book’s Exposure and Reach

Authors write books so that people can read them. Although a book may come from a place of inspiration and because of an author’s desire or need to disseminate information, the desire to sell the books he or she has written is paramount. Today, that has become easier than it has ever been. In the past, it was often necessary to be signed to a publishing house, which would then go out market the author’s book. A company such as Premiere Retail Services, Inc. will be able to help you maximize your book promotions.

The requirement for working with a publishing house has since changed, or at least there are other alternatives. Self-publishing is becoming more popular and with good reason. It gives authors the ability to publish books themselves so that they can ensure that their voice is heard, even if a publishing house does not sign or believe in them. Below are ways an author can maximize their exposure and reach, whether or not they work with a publisher.

  a. Contact Media Outlets: Television and perhaps radio are perhaps the most obvious choices. They are not, however, the only ones. Other good options include trade journals. Working with the media helps authors get information about their book to the right people, those who can help market it to those that might be interested in purchasing it. Contacting these publications directly is one option. Compiling and sending out a press kit is another.
  b. Schedule Book Signing Gigs (and promote them): Authors should do their best to schedule book signings. This is a great way to get in front of the buying public and to help readers match a face with the author. It is very important to promote these signings. Otherwise, they may not be well attended. Press releases are a good option. Authors who have built an email list should alert the people on their list. If they have friends or professional colleagues with lists, asking to swap lists or advertise an upcoming signing event via their lists can be an effective way to get people there.
  c. Try Kindle: Electronic book formats such as Kindle, can give authors a boost. Amazon helps market books sold on this platform. They also get a portion of all sells. Authors will need to consider this when pricing their books.

When attempting to promote a book, authors (present and would-be), should consider the above tactics. Contacting media outlets, scheduling book signings and using electronic publishing formats such as Kindle are all valid options. These things, when used in concert can help authors increase their exposure and subsequently, the number of books they are able to sell. Choosing to work with a company that understands book promotions can help maximize your book’s potential.

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