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Make the Most of the Magazine Retail Display Allowance

Building a profit for the front end comes with learning the tips to make the most of the magazine retail display allowance. You want to ensure that the customers see the products and that they have the incentives to make the purchase. Work with a retail display specialist, like one of the experienced staff at Premiere Retail Services, Inc., to develop a front end plan that will make the most of your magazine retail.

Top Tips to Make the Most of the Magazine Retail Display Allowance

  1. Learn which companies provide the highest retail display allowance. Put those products in the priority locations when possible.
  2. Draw attention to the prominent products by placing specials nearby or including signs that will pull shoppers over to their location.
  3. Keep accurate records and file reports in a timely manner. The services of a company, like Premiere Retail Services, Inc., can help you be sure that you get the right display allowance amounts and that you receive them on time.
  4. Check the displays on a regular basis throughout the day. Assign the task to a particular staff person so that you will know who to work with to be sure the products are kept in order. Customers want it to be easy to find the products that they are trying to purchase. Orderly racks can help make that process easier for them.
  5. Know the reader or typical purchaser of the magazine. Understanding the shopping habits of the readers can give you the insight for creating magazine displays that will get the attention of those readers and will also get them to make the purchase.
  6. Ask for the sale. It is a standard sales motto that you will not sell the product unless you ask for the sell. Start getting the cashiers to ask the customer if they got the new copy of the magazine and see how your numbers rise.

Building a strong front end can help boost the profits of your business. Knowing what products to stock will only begin the process. Understanding the customer will help you better know how to place the items in a way that will get their attention and get them to make the buy.

Keep the magazines easy to find and orderly. Add signs to draw the eye to the racks. Make it a practice to ask customers if they have their copy of the magazines you are featuring. Putting a few steps into practice will help you make the most of the magazine retail display allowance.

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