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Magazine Retail Display Allowance – Why You Want to Hire to Do This

Retailers who sell magazines can receive Magazine Retail Display Allowance or RDA for the magazines that they display and sell in their store. Magazine RDA collections isn't an easy job to do because it involves magazine rebate invoicing and everything that is associated with it. Some retailers attempt to do this task while selling magazines at the same time. But oftentimes, they fail to receive the money they are owed. Retailers must also comply with certain pre-requisites in order to obtain the RDA. This is where you realize why you want to hire an RDA firm to do this task.

Here's how it works when retailers try to obtain the Magazine Retail Display Allowance by themselves. First, retailers must have a contract with the publisher. Of course, they will fill out some forms and other paperwork to be submitted in order to clinch the contract. This is usually the case between most retailers and the publishers that a written contract should exist between them before a retailer opens for business. But hiring an RDA administration firm will help retailers by handling all the paperwork for them.

It is good to remember too that retailers should also have a contract with the RDA administration firm. It is not the publisher but a separate company who gives the RDA's, and this requires additional contract.

The RDA firm does all the tracking of magazine sales during each quarter. Next, it prepares the invoice and sends it to the publisher after they have filled out the paperwork associated with the claim. The invoice shows all the sales that are being reported as well as the amount due. After receiving the invoice from the RDA firm the publisher prepares the RDA. The RDA administration firm will properly handle all the magazine RDA invoicing and collection.

When retailers hire an experienced RDA administration firm such as Premiere Retail Services, Inc. they won't have the problem of doing this task each quarter. The RDA administration firm will ensure the retailers will get their rebate claim turned in on time and should payments not be sent timely, the firm will do a follow-up.

While the RDA finally receives the money from the publisher, it takes away their own portion and sends the rest to the retailer.

Since the firm does the Magazine Retail Display Allowance as its main business, retailers won't have to worry about chasing down publishers for the rebate claims. Retailers also won’t need to bother about the paperwork because an RDA administration firm can do all these things. This adds all the excellent incentive for magazine retail stores to display and sell a wide variety of magazines for their customers.

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