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Magazine RDA Collections – Who Should Handle Them for You?

A magazine retail display allowance (RDA) is the reward or incentive that retailers receive for displaying and selling magazines in their store. It is often in the form of cash.

Retailers should know, though, that RDA's are not available from all publishers so they should look for magazine titles who offer them. Although RDA's paid to retailers usually account for up to 10% of its yearly magazine sales at a cover price, some publishers offer a range of 5% to 8% of the cover price.

Not a few retailers who are looking to boost their revenues see the magazine RDA's as another important source of income. So as much as they can, they should collect their reimbursements owed to them from publishers and national distributors. If retailers fail to do such, their business will suffer tremendously.

That's why in their desire to cut corners in order to get the most of their money, some retailers attempt to do the task of collecting RDA's themselves. But they will end up losing money instead of earning more income simply because they are not aware of the complications involved in this job.

Some of the harder parts of collecting RDA's include tracking eligible titles sold, filling out the proper reimbursement claims, and submitting them to the publishers or national distributors. Sometimes, the publishers are a bit behind schedule in their payments, so retailers should also do the follow-ups of overdue RDA's. Not only this is a difficult job, but it can also sometimes be frustrating. If they fail to track the sales of their magazines, they won't be able to get the money that they rightfully should receive. Another, retailers would lose their focus on what they should do best -- selling magazines.

An experienced, professional and legitimate RDA administration firm should handle the magazine RDA collections. If hiring an RDA administration firm sounds like an unnecessary expense, it is quite the opposite. Instead, retailers will benefit greatly from outsourcing the job to a third party company like Premiere Retail Services, Inc. which is an RDA administration firm.

Because of its extensive experience and understanding of the nuances and complexities of RDA collections, an RDA administration firm is better equipped to perform this job in an efficient and timely manner.

Experiencing delayed payments from publishers? No problem! The RDA administration firm will also do the follow-ups of overdue collections. Being tangled up in several publisher contracts and other unnecessary paperwork? The company will take care of that as well.

One of the greatest benefits of having an RDA administration firm is convenience. It will ease the burdens of the retailers and enable them to put their focus and energy on selling magazines and other merchandise in their store.

In the end, having a firm help with magazine RDA collections as a dependable business partner will help the retailers get the money they deserve.

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