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Magazine RDA Collections Are Easier With the Right Help

More and more retailers want to display newer titles because of the magazine RDA collections. If you don't know yet what RDA is or how it can benefit retailers, it means Retail Display Allowance. It is a reward that retailers receive from the magazine publishers to display their titles and sell them in their store. Magazine publishers pay the retailers to receive prominent display of their titles in the store. The compensation is often in the form of cash and is generally 10 percent or less of the cost of the magazine.

RDA has been a part of the magazine industry for many decades. It has been responsible for benefits to magazine retailers, mainly in big incentives. The RDA encourages retail owners/operators to add and display new magazine titles to their grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, and book stores, or wherever you see magazines being sold. You must remember that not all magazine publishers offer RDA rewards, and the amount may vary depending upon the publisher, but there are magazines available and chances are you could find them.

In order to collect the magazine RDA's you must have a contract including RDA with each magazine publisher. You, as the retailer, start by tracking eligible magazine titles that have been sold in the store. After that, you will fill out the proper claims for reimbursement, then submit the claim documents or invoice the publishers. They will then reimburse your efforts of displaying and selling their titles in your store. This process is usually done quarterly to make sure that every magazine title is sold, counted, and computed. This is absolutely necessary for the retailer to receive the reimbursement.

Many retailers believe that in order to receive the biggest compensation possible, they should do the process of collecting the RDA's instead of hiring professionals. In that way, retailers could save some money. The procedures may sound easy but collecting RDA's is, in fact, a very involved and complex process.

Most retailers who attempt to do the RDA collecting process themselves have had no prior working knowledge for the task. Soon they may find themselves confused and stressed -- from compiling the list of sold titles and computing earnings, to running after publishers for compensation. Instead of saving money, they often end up spending more to make up for their own costly errors. Apart from that, they will lose focus on what they do best -- selling magazines and other items in their store.

Many retailers who have been guilty of taking up the task themselves learn that it isn't as easy as it sounds. They end up hiring a professional RDA administration company, anyway -- which would have been the best idea in the first place.

RDA administration firms are third-party entities and therefore are not affiliated with any publisher. Therefore a retailer needs to have two contracts: one with the publisher and one with the RDA administration firm. They are different and separate from each other.

RDA administration firms are professional, fully knowledgeable, and experienced in collecting your reimbursements. They will do their job efficiently and on time. If the expected payments from the publishers are late, the RDA administration firm will promptly do a follow-up. And one of the best things about having a professional RDA administration firm by your side is that they will even maximize the potential collections of your magazine RDA's.

No mess, no hassle. Why make your life difficult when you can have it much easier with the right help? Sure, hiring a professional third-party RDA administration firm to do the process of magazine RDA collections will cost you initially. However, in the long run you will realize you're actually making the most out of your money -- and you will be thankful that hiring a professional is the best decision you've ever made!

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