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Magazine RDA Collections And How to Receive What You’re Owed

Magazine RDA (Retail Display Allowance) collections are the money that retailers receive from the publishers for the magazines they display and sell in their store. Some stores try to do the task on their own, but they soon find out that often miss something. Plus, when these retailers think they would be saving more money, it's quite the contrary. They may end up losing if they attempt to do the magazine RDA collections themselves.

Part of the difficulty in magazine RDA collections is in tracking eligible magazine titles sold and filling out the proper claim form for reimbursement. What retailers must do in eliminating the problems of this task, and get the money that they deserve, is to hire an RDA administration firm.

Here's how an RDA administration firm helps you, the retailer, so you receive your full reimbursements.

First, an RDA administration firm will create a list of all eligible magazine titles, in order to match the titles that your store sells, with those that are eligible for the RDA reimbursement.

The firm then will track the eligible titles sold by your retail store and carefully write down all the titles sold, one by one, on the proper document claim. Next, the firm then submits the required claim documents or invoices the publishers. This is done on a quarterly basis to ensure that every magazine titles sold is counted and calculated so that the retailer finally receives the money.

Along with submitting the claim forms to the publisher, the firm will keep track and update of the payments received. The firm will also do a follow up should payments that are due not arrive in a timely manner.

Hiring an RDA administration firm gives many benefits to the retailers. If retailers do the RDA rebates on their own, it will take time for them before they finally accomplish this task. An experienced RDA administration firm such as Premiere Retail Services, Inc. understands the requirements and does this job as their main business. With the firm's highly experienced staff, it exactly knows what it is doing and will finish the work on time.

With an RDA administration firm around, it allows retailers to do what they do best -- selling magazines and other merchandise in their store. Another benefit of hiring an RDA administration firm is that it also helps retailers in making the most of the magazine retail display allowance. The firm will also train the store staff to devise creative and unique ways to highlight magazine titles for those publishers who offer the maximum RDA's. Once retailers understand the information on how to properly display magazines with the highest potential RDA, customers will be more likely to buy these magazines. Retailers will see a big difference in their RDA rebates.

Hiring an experienced and reputable RDA administration firm around may cost retailers a bit, but the firm will handle everything to get them the money they deserve. It makes a fiscal sense for retailers to hire one. An experienced RDA administration firm will do the work on time and efficiently, and retailers will realize that having an experienced firm is a big help for them in the long run.

As a retailer, you want to make sure you receive everything you're owed when dealing with magazine RDA's. Hire a qualified RDA Administration firm and they will do their best to get you the money you deserve.

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