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Magazine Promotions – Using Food to Promote Magazines

There’s no doubt, food and sports go together. Why not take advantage of this connection with magazine promotions designed around both subjects? Premiere Retail Services, Inc. can help you use food to promote magazine sales.

How many people do you know that look forward to football season and the fun of tailgating parties in the parking lot? They may also plan a big party with food at home during the big college rivalry game. Alternately, they may head over to the local pub or sports bar to catch an important game with friends. In each of these instances, food is served as part of the sporting ritual. It is possible to create a magazine promotion around these sporting events.

Long before the big game party, or any event in which you want to have a promotion, think about magazines that pertain to these events. For instance, even if colleges may have kicked off their football seasons, there are plenty of big games left – college rivalry games, conference championships, bowl games and the national championship. Since the season lasts a specified amount of time, retailers can feature sports magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Sports Weekly, Football Digest or ESPN: The Magazine in a specific location at their store near the bakery or deli section for the entire football season. Professional football season lasts longer than college, but the same types of magazines would be applicable.

Can’t think of foods you would serve during a tailgating party or how to make them? Cooking magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, Taste of Home, Food Network Magazine or Every Day with Rachael Ray would have plenty of suggestions. Placing the sports and cooking magazines in close proximity to each other and the grocery section for the foods most often served during a tailgating party will encourage shoppers to pick up the magazines while they’re picking out their game day fare.

You may wonder why it’s important to create this type of feature promotion, particularly in areas of the store where magazines aren’t usually sold. Research has proven that featuring magazines like this can increase sales of these titles by as much as 125%. Not only will this effort help sell more magazines for the publisher, but it will also increase the amount of retail display allowances your business receives. In the end, using magazine promotion is a win-win scenario for all involved.

What about other magazine promotions? Can you use the same ideas for them or are you limited to sports and foods? The truth is you can create a magazine promotion about any event or holiday you can imagine. Premiere Retail will help you come up with holidays throughout the year that can be used for magazine promotions and will help by scheduling the promotions with each publisher whose magazines will be promoted. Premiere Retail Services, Inc. will also maintain the promotion calendar and help wholesalers implement it.

Ultimately, your goal in having magazine promotions of any type is to increase magazine sales, thus increasing your retail display allowance. By having Premiere Retail Services, Inc. involved means invoicing publishers is also taken care of which leaves retailers to concentrate on other tasks of running their stores.

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