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Magazine Promotions at Point-of-Sale Displays

Magazine promotions are often done through a point-of-sale display. This is an effective means to promote new magazines at a retail establishment. In case not everyone is familiar with this point-of-sale display term, here is an explanation for it and how magazine promotions are handled through them.

A point-of-sale display is a promotional array set up in the vicinity of the point of sale, or checkout counter. Chances are everyone who has ever been in a retail establishment has seen them. They can be set up on the counter, next to the counter, or somewhere in the line leading up to the counter. The idea is to draw the customers’ attention to magazines and other items near the checkout while the customers are waiting for their turn to make their purchases, or are on their way to make their purchases. Displays on the ends of aisles near the checkout counter may also be considered point-of-sale displays if they are seen easily by customers on their way to make their purchases.

Point-of-sale displays are very effective, especially for magazine promotions. This is because they are geared to impulse buying. Impulse buying is what happens when a consumer is distracted and sees something that triggers a desire to look better, to improve their mood, or to raise their status or image. According to an article by Usman Ghani, PhD and Farzand Ali Jan, PhD, 90% of people make impulse purchases occasionally and that 20% of what shoppers buy when shopping for groceries are impulse choices. They continue to say that about $4.2 billion has been generated annually from impulse buying only candy and magazines. Having a point-of-sale display will encourage shoppers to pick up something at the last minute, in many cases.

For magazine promotions very few point-of-sale displays may be used. You can expect to see magazines on the point-of-displays at the end of the aisle or in racks next to the aisle. However, there are many different styles of point-of-sale displays. These include disposable displays, banners, shelf edging, mobiles, and racks.

Bright colors and eye-catching shapes will draw attention. Some displays include blinking lights to draw customers’ eyes to the display. Retailers that are creative and use their imagination to draw attention will often see an increase in the impulse purchases made from the point-of-sale displays. This can often include one or more magazines that customers have picked up while waiting for their turn to pay for their items.

Retailers who want to see higher point-of-sale display purchases will want to use their imagination when setting up these displays. A retailer who wants to make the most of his magazine promotions will doubtless find that point-of-sale displays are an excellent way to go.

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