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Magazine Promotions – Which Are Most Effective?

The most effective magazine promotions are, of course, the ones that bring in the most new readers. So what are the best ways to effectively promote a magazine? Whether your business is large or small doesn’t really matter, any business that sells magazines can benefit from these suggestions.

Use targeted placement. It is well known that tabloid type magazines are usually in the checkout line at grocery stores. This is probably because their headlines reach out and catch people’s eyes, and entice them to want to know what is inside. People will often give in to an impulse buy when they see these magazines on their way to pay for groceries. Food magazines are also often placed here.

Another possible placement for food magazines is in the dining area, if the store has one. Some stores have seating near the deli for customers who choose to eat in. A handy magazine rack may encourage customers to purchase reading material while taking a break for lunch or a snack.

Have a rack for automobile magazines where car-related items are sold. Try an endcap of women’s magazines around the baby clothing or diaper aisles. Fashion magazines can be placed near the changing rooms, if the store has them. Be creative and use natural combinations as much as possible.

Think it through. While you don’t want to overthink your promotions, thinking through the promotion before launching it is sure to boost its effectiveness. What can you do to draw attention to the magazines?

Make sure the displays are clean and organized. If the customer finds a dusty, disheveled rack full of magazines, most people will wrinkle their noses and pass on by. To be effective, the items being promoted must be accessible, clean, and enticing.

Choose the magazines to display at eye level based on the RDA each magazine allows. If you put the magazines with larger RDA amounts in the prime placement areas, it is more likely that customers will see them and pick them up. The more customers see them, the more they will purchase.

It can also be an advantage to pay attention to the season and what is popular. For instance, in the summer, when people do a lot of picnicking, camping, grilling, etc., placing magazines about food and the outdoors in prominent places will often result in more sales. In the winter, you might try using Christmas or holiday magazines, crafts, and family themes.

Remember that catchy headlines or photos will draw the eye, so placing a magazine with a catchy headline or photo at the left of a line of magazines will often mean the customer checks out the whole row.

Use your imagination. Be creative. Effective magazine promotions will mean more sales, including repeat sales, and that will mean better profits for your retail store.

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