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Magazine Promotions – Promoting Holiday Magazines

When it comes to magazines promotions, it makes sense to set up promotions around yearly holidays. Considering magazines that participate in feature promotions expect to see a 75 to 125% increase in sales during a promotion, capitalizing on magazines for specific holidays can make those profits increase even further. Premiere Retail Services, Inc. has the experience and skills necessary to make these projected promotion sales a reality.

What types of magazines are best suited to holiday magazine promotions? Some that come to mind include:

  • Craft magazines
  • Cooking magazines
  • Decorating magazines
  • Sports magazines

Most retailers will do their best during the fall and winter holidays – Halloween through New Year’s Day. They know they’ll have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, and New Year’s Day to make up for slacking sales the remainder of the year. This doesn’t mean a retailer should dismiss the remaining holidays, however, especially when it comes to magazine promotions. With the right magazine promotions, any holiday is a great time to sell magazines.

February has Valentine’s Day as its major holiday that occurs right after the main yearly holidays. Craft magazines often have decorations or instructions for homemade gifts for Valentine’s Day in them. Why not make and display some of these crafts before the holiday or have a contest for children. Their parent can purchase the craft magazine and the child chooses a craft to complete. The store would then provide a gift to the best craft. Stores may also want to work in conjunction with the local florist to sell gardening magazines with a bouquet of roses so recipients can learn how to grow their own flowers.

March, of course, is the time for St. Patrick’s Day. While there are many people of Irish descent in the country, many of them do not know how to make traditional Irish foods so prevalent during this time. Set up a display of cooking magazines that feature St. Patrick’s Day cuisine near a display of foods needed to create these dishes. Chances are you will sell more magazines and the ingredients to have a wonderful ‘green’ holiday.

Even though Tax Day (April 15) isn’t a holiday, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a day to promote magazines. Organizational or financial magazines would be good to feature during this time. Easter is another springtime holiday that retailers can use to promote magazines. Again, food and crafts magazines are perfect for this holiday promotion.

Mother’s and Father’s Days are great times for greeting card sales, but a retailer with the right retail display allowance administration firm will be able to make suggestions on how to benefit from these and the remaining holidays of the year. When it comes to cooking, the official start summer time is Memorial Day with the Fourth of July following shortly after that. Concentrate on promotions for cooking magazines during the warm summer months, and consider promoting some travel magazines, as well.

As you can tell, with all of these holidays, not to mention the others that weren’t listed, there are plenty of ways to use holidays for magazine promotions. If you’re still unsure of how to benefit from this type of magazine promotion, contact Premiere Retail Services, Inc. at (925) 371-5800 to see how they can help you with holiday magazine promotions.

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