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Magazine Promotions Any Retailer Can Use

If you look at most magazine racks, you will see magazines arranged by magazine type. By implementing these magazine promotions ideas, you will notice an increase in magazine sales. Any retailer can use these ideas because of their commonsense approach and proven results.

Obviously, you want your customers to enjoy their shopping experience. One way to ensure this is to plan promotions that will catch their attention and entice them to purchase the magazines you sell. Following are some ideas that will do the trick.

  • Create or maintain a calendar for each year’s promotional events. Think of different happenings (sports championships, Olympics, back-to-school, holidays and other things) which could be used to feature a specific magazine title.
  • Choose promotions that will most effectively fit your industry, your retail goals and the target audience who frequents your establishment. You clearly would not feature sports magazines if you sell crafts anymore than you would offer scrapbooking magazines in an auto parts store.
  • Check with the local Chamber of Commerce to find out if there are specific community events during the year that may fit in with magazine titles you sell. For instance, when the Farmer’s Market opens in the spring, you may want to feature gardening titles.
  • It is important to plan when creating your promotional calendar. Scheduling and planning events 3 to 6 months in advance will ensure your promotion is effective. When you use the same promotional calendar, this will be something your customers can look forward to each year.
  • Create a folder for each event on your promotional calendar. Add new ideas throughout the year. You will also want to keep records of what you do, how well the customers reacted to the event as well as the final business results.
  • If you know your customers will purchase more of a particular title during the promotional event, be sure you increase the magazines you have on hand during this time.
  • Consider the magazines when planning your promotional calendar. An anniversary for the magazine title can be something around which you can create a special promotional event. Think about Sports Illustrated, for instance. In 2014, they will be celebrating 60 years in publication. Imagine the promotion you could plan for that anniversary!

Create attractive displays that will highlight the titles you offer. Be sure the display catches your customer’s eye and directs them to the magazines for the specific promotion. The more eye-catching the display, the more likely people will stop and look. In addition, you know, the more they look, the more likely they will be to buy.

It makes sense to plan your magazine promotions. It is a sure way to increase sales. Think about the things that happen throughout the year and how the titles you sell will fit into each holiday or season. Finally, with a plan for magazine promotions, you will notice an increase in magazine sales and your retail display allowance.

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