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Learning the Basics of Magazine Rebate Invoicing

Every retailer wants to earn more money, so they are looking for ways to expand their profit margin. Usually, they decide to sell magazines and various other publications -- but it's not just for earning from their sales. Retailers can maximize their magazine earnings using magazine rebate invoice or Retail Display Allowance (RDA).

RDA is simply defined as an incentive received by the retailer for selling titles offered by the publisher. It is seen as an incentive for the retailer to sell more magazine titles from various publishers. How much RDA can the retailer enjoy from the sales? Usually, an RDA is equivalent to 10% of the cover price sold, but sometimes it can be a little more or less than 10% depending on the publisher. RDA's are usually in form of cash (or sometimes, a check) payment.

The RDA gives a chance for the retailers to boost their profit margin. The more titles the retailer manages to sell, the bigger RDA's he or she can receive. But first, though, how can retailers obtain RDA? This article will get down to the basics.

To begin with, of course, there should be a contract between the retailer and the publisher. Retailers should submit a request for a contract directly from the publisher; they may request up to 15 publishers for their contracts. However, that number still depends on how many magazine titles are being solicited.

The retailer then receives a contract and signs it. But that's not the end of it! In fact, it's just the beginning. Every title sold is recorded and computed, on the proper document claim. After preparing the document claims, invoices, sales reports, and other pertinent papers, these will be submitted to the publisher, on a quarterly basis. That way, the retailers will be able to receive the appropriate RDA's from the publisher.

It sounds easy to do, but in reality, it's harder to accomplish than you may imagine. Selling and tracking sold titles at the same time can be taxing enough. Computing those sales and preparing a multitude of documents makes getting the RDA's complicated. If the publisher is late in compensating you, you may need to follow up with them to ensure you are paid. If you're a retailer attempting to obtain your incentive by going through this dizzying work order it may lead you to lose money, especially if you don't have a proper experience to accomplish these tasks?

Entrust this intricate work to a professional who has the experience in obtaining RDA's for retailers like you. If you think you're wasting your money by hiring an RDA administration firm, that's not the case. In fact, the RDA administration firm will help you in maximizing your profits. Leave the magazine rebate invoicing and other related work to them while you are allowed to focus on something you do best -- selling magazines and employing attractive and eye-catching front-end merchandising strategies.

Having a professional RDA administration firm, like Premiere Retail Services, Inc., will save you from laboring over something and not seeing a return, and it can help you save money and time.

Looking to boost your income by RDA's but you have no idea on how to collect your rewards? Hire an experienced and qualified RDA administration firm to assist you with magazine rebate invoicing, and see yourself reaping the rewards that you deserve.

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