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How to Excel in Magazine Promotions

One of the great ways that retailers will find effective in attracting customers to buy items is magazine promotions. First though, you need to understand how effective magazine promotions work if they are implemented properly. How well you understand magazine promotions could lead to the success or failure of the titles you sell, and ultimately, your sales.

Usually, magazine promotions are often done through point-of-sale (POS) displays. A point-of-sale display is a promotional display at the proximity of the checkout counter. Every retail store has a POS display. Anything that is seen in the vicinity of the checkout counter is considered a point-of-sale display: on the counter, beside the counter, at the back of the counter, or at the aisle that leads to the counter. A display at the end of the aisle is also considered a point-of-sale display as long as it's easily seen.

These areas are the best locations to sell items such as magazines, and POS displays prove to be effective when doing magazine promotions. When a customer lines up towards the counter, he may see a magazine displayed nearby, pick one up, and then browse through it while waiting to pay for their items. If he is interested, he will most likely add the magazine to his purchases, even if he really has no plan to buy it.

This is what you call impulse buying, and point-of-sale displays are geared for that kind of consumer behavior. The customer may look for something that will interest or distract him while lining up towards the counter -- especially when the line is long. Make sure your titles are prominently displayed in the vicinity of the counter.

Magazine promotions are not just about point-of-sale displays. There are other strategies which will help you in selling your titles. Other things not to be overlooked are the seasonal changes as well as annual holidays, which can positively influence on your magazine sales. Consider this: magazines that feature promotions are expected to see a 75% to 125% rise in sales. Magazines that capitalize on the season, occasion, or a specific holiday can even help further increase their sales.

Examples of these magazines are craft magazines, food and cooking magazines, travel magazines, decorating magazines, and sports magazines. You may have to consider the customer's needs and wants when that particular season, occasion or holiday approaches. Would they like to do a DIY Christmas decorating? Do they want a new and exciting addition to their usual Thanksgiving fare? Do they want to read some football magazines in time for the Super Bowl? Are they running out of vacation ideas for the summer? Are they getting married in June but still do not have their dream wedding theme?
Take advantage of these seasons and holidays by selling magazines which can also capture their needs and interests. Considering the right timing as well as the customers' preferences will enable you to plan accordingly in your magazine promotions.

It is possible to learn magazine promotions by yourself, but if you want to get sure results, hire a company who excels in magazine promotions. Hiring an experienced professional, like Premiere Retail Services, Inc., will save you from the struggles of having to figure out how exactly to implement effective magazine promotions.

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