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How to Benefit from a RDA Collection Administrator

How many magazines are on the market these days? If you look through the racks at any store, you may be amazed at the volume out there. Publishers aren’t eager to share their profits and collecting rebates (RDA). Therefore, knowing how to benefit from RDA collections is an important skill to develop.

Retail Display Allowance (RDA) is offered by thousands of magazines each month. You can earn up to 10% of the cover price as a retailer if you present a claim for them. However, since publishers aren’t forthcoming in making the process very easy, you may want to hire someone to handle all RDA collections for you to receive the full benefits.

Hiring someone to help with your RDA collections makes financial sense. For a fee, the administrator handles everything required to ensure you receive the most money possible.

What does a RDA collection administrator need from you? There will be an agreement signed between the two of you and they’ll need ‘third-party authorization’ to act on your behalf. They will:

  Solicit the RDA contracts with the publishing companies. Your company may already have a list of publications currently sold in your stores. Supplying that list will make the process easier.
  Maintain a database of all contracted titles. Let the RDA administrator know of any changes made to the contracted titles.
  Maintain a list of stores.
  Obtain magazine sales reports from your supplier so the correct claims can be made.
  Prepare, submit and file the claims with the publishers. This is often a time-consuming task and one which makes having an RDA collections service cost-effective.
  Work tirelessly to ensure your company is given credit for every title sold and is included on the appropriate documents when making claims.
  Submit the quarterly claim forms as early as possible as well as track payment status.
  Provide you with a Claim Summary for each filing period including reconciliation updates.
  Send payments to clients within three working days of receipt from the publishing company.
  Track unpaid claims and generate a notice requesting payment. Notices will be sent in an effort to ensure the payment is made.

You sit back and let them do the work but you reap the rewards.

Your company wants to be sure it’s getting the retail display allowance it should. You may not have the time to do the work yourself. Premiere Retail is available to show you how to benefit from RDA collections and more.

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