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How to Benefit from RDA Administration

RDA administration is an important and specialized field. Firms such as Premiere Retail Services, Inc. understand its importance and are able to help retailers not only see proven income results but also allow you to focus on your primary business goals. Since this is such a specialized field, it may be better to outsource these tasks to a firm that understands the requirements and how to get the results your business wants.

Retail Display Allowance administration, or RDA administration, includes a variety of responsibilities. Some firms will offer more services than others will, but there are basic tasks that every RDA administration firm will offer:

  • Maintain a list of all contracted titles. This list enables those providing RDA administration services to track what titles they should send billing for RDA allowances and which ones have paid. Their database will ensure your business receives all of the RDA allowance funds it deserves.
  • Creates and maintains a store list of all clients for whom they work. This list will enable the RDA firm to be sure they are actively working for each retailer as contracted.
  • Carefully tracks every copy sold for each eligible title on a regular basis. By maintaining careful records, the RDA administration firm is able to ensure the correct claim documents are filled out and that they contain everything necessary to help the retailer receive any allowances due to them.
  • Ensures they have filled out and sent the RDA allowance documentation as early as possible. They also maintain records to track receivables and send additional demands for payment as needed for the retailer. The retailer does not have to train someone to handle these tasks nor do they have to do the work themselves.

How else can your company benefit from RDA Administration? Some firms will help your business make the most of retail display allowances by training your staff to think outside of the traditional methods to display each magazine title. When you understand that creatively displaying titles that offer the highest retail display allowance can have a huge impact on your RDA payments, you will want to take advantage of the RDA administration firm’s knowledge.

No retail business wants to lose money. As you can see, trying to do what an RDA administration firm does without the proper training and knowledge could result in exactly that. Since some magazines offer up to 10% of their cover price as a RDA allowance, it makes financial sense to use a firm that fully understands the process and has the skills to be sure your business doesn’t lose money and will see increased income for their efforts.

While all RDA administration firms will charge you a fee for handling these important tasks, you will soon recognize that the cost makes fiscal sense when you see the results they receive. Using this type of firm may also save your business money because they can do the job efficiently and you will not need to have an employee dedicated for this task. Once you see how to benefit from RDA administration, you will see it is the wise business choice for your company.

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