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How Does Magazine Rebate Invoicing Work?

Have you wondered how magazine rebate invoicing works? The magazine industry created the Retail Display Allowance (RDA) and Retail Display Payments (RDP) many years ago, as an incentive to encourage retailers to display new titles and to improve placement of magazines to encourage customers to purchase them. The cash received for these incentives requires paperwork that must be filled out precisely in order to be processed correctly.

Some of the things included in this undertaking include:

  • Verifying magazine titles and which were sold or returned
  • Which RDAs are associated with which titles
  • How to run promotions that increase sales and expand your market
  • Knowing which magazines are of interest to your customers
  • Using a spreadsheet to manage the information

There are also contracts to negotiate and follow, both with the publisher and with the third-party RDA company.

These things may sound simple at first, but when dealing with these things in reality, the time consumed in keeping up the information and filing the paperwork quarterly is quite extensive. If the paperwork is not received by the deadline, it cannot be processed by the RDA company. Additionally, the chance of an inexperienced person missing critical pieces of information is quite high. This is due to the complicated nature of the paperwork, which will result in a loss of profits due to a loss of incentives.

Because of this potential loss of money, it is wise for a retailer to consider hiring a company whose expertise lies in the field of RDA Administration. These companies, such as Premiere Retail Services, Inc., take pride in being able to offer their expertise to handle all the day-to-day administration of the information as well as in filling out the paperwork and dealing with the publishers. Our goal is to aid you in maximizing the return on your magazine investment and allow you to continue doing what you do best – retail marketing.

To this end, your employees can also be taught effective marketing strategies, including placement of the magazines and ways to highlight them, especially the ones for which the incentive is larger. This training will benefit both your magazine RDA numbers and the profit from your other stock, as the principles will certainly carry over from one category to the others.

If, for some reason, your incentive payment does not arrive when you expect it to, we also handle the process of tracking the payment and dealing with the publishers. We do everything possible to make sure that your incentives get to you.

An experienced firm in RDA administration will be able to finish the required paperwork in the time allotted, maximizing your returns through proper filing and helpful training. It will doubtless be worth it to your company – and to your bottom line – to hire an administrator for your magazine rebate invoicing.

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