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Hiring Someone to Help with Magazine Retail Allowance

RDA or "retail display allowance" is a fee paid by the wholesaler (or manufacturer) to the retailer. It is an incentive to the retailers for displaying the wholesaler's merchandise in the retailer's own shop(s).

In this case, there is also the "magazine retail allowance" or "magazine RDA." It is a compensation paid by the publisher to the retailer for displaying that publisher's title(s) in the retailer's store(s).

The RDA motivates the retailers to display the magazine titles in a way that is more visible and attractive to shoppers. The more eye-catching the title displays, the more interested the customers will be in purchasing them. The increased number of magazine buyers means bigger sales, and bigger sales mean a boost of income for both the retailer and the publisher. Yes, the RDA can be a win-win situation for both parties if implemented properly.

The retailers promote magazine titles in a tried-and-true method which is called a "point-of-sale" (POS) display. They can position the title displays on, or beside the checkout counter (which is the "point of sale"). This is still the best place to display magazine titles because the customers will be most likely to pick them up and include them in their purchase as they line up for the checkout counter.

This is something that the retailer should do, and do best: to sell the publisher's magazine titles and enhance magazine displays to increase their profit margin. Granted that, of course, the retailer is entitled to receive the RDA from publishers.

More often than not, retailers try to cut corners by collecting the RDA themselves. But their apparent lack of experience in RDA administration leads them to suffer losses instead of enjoying increased income and retail allowance as well.

RDA collections can be a labyrinthine process -- first, there's the request for the contract from the publishers to be able to qualify for the RDA. Once the contract has been approved, it doesn't stop there. It is followed by recording every sold magazine title, preparation of the proper reimbursement claims for submission to the publishers, updates on payments schedule, and a lot of other work.

Retailers should require a professional like an RDA administration firm to handle these complicated situations. Hiring someone else to help with the magazine RDA's will ease off the burdens in the part of the retailer.

An RDA administration firm tracks the magazine titles, records every title sold, prepares the magazine invoicing and submits them to the publisher, and does other pertinent paperwork. If the publisher fails to reimburse the retailer on time, then the RDA administration firm will do the follow-up on the delayed payments until the retailer finally receives the RDA.

The RDA administration firm also handles the contract request from the publisher. The retailer should also have a separate contract from the RDA administration firm since it is not affiliated with the publisher in any way.

Having the RDA administration firm as a reliable middleman between you (the retailer) and the publisher gives a great convenience and relief on your part. An experienced and professional RDA administration firm will help you save you time, money and effort. It can even help in maximizing your earnings potential! Why is that so? It's because the RDA administration firm does precise and prompt reporting to publishers. It will help you in launching new magazine titles and enjoying increased income in the process.

What are you waiting for? Hire a professional RDA administration firm and see the benefits unfold before you for magazine retail allowance!

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