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Getting Help with Magazine Display Allowance Tasks

Retailers can have the chance to boost their profit margin by looking for potential ways to earn big. One of them is selling magazines and other publications in their own establishments.

But there is more than selling magazines because you'll also benefit from a program called retail display allowance (RDA), which allows you to earn more profits. A retail display allowance is a compensation for the retailer's costs of selling the products or merchandise of the vendor. In this case, you (as a retailer) receive the RDA from the publisher (or national distributor) for selling the latter's titles in your store.

The RDA sounds like (and really presents) an exciting prospect for the retailer to earn enjoy a wider profit margin. But how is RDA exactly earned?

Usually, the standard RDA that you will receive covers 10% of the magazine title's cover price, but still it depends on the publisher. Some publishers pay 8% of the cover price for the RDA. It is paid on a quarterly basis.

Of course, in order to avail yourself of the RDA, it is pertinent that you should request a contract from the publisher; ideally, you should request up to fifteen publishers for a contract.

When the deal between you and the publishers has been completed, it doesn't end here just yet; rather, it is only the beginning! In order to claim your RDA's, you will start by recording every magazine title sold at your store. Afterward, you list that information on the proper RDA document claim, which you will send out to the publishers.

It sounds easy, right? It might, but it is only in theory. There is other pertinent paperwork to complete such as sales reports and sales invoices. After submitting your document claim and other official papers to the publishers, you may not be just sitting pretty and waiting for your RDA to come to your door. You may have to do a follow-up in case the publishers fail to reimburse you on time. And getting after them may make you a little frustrated or worse.

If you concentrate too much on getting your RDA's, it may take our time and attention away from what you do best: selling magazines and other front-end merchandises. Not to mention it can also take a toll on you, physically and emotionally.

For this reason, it is the perfect time to get some help from someone who can take care of your RDA business: an RDA administration firm.

Some say hiring an RDA administration firm will cost you a lot, and they're advising against it. Sure, you want to cut some corners, but your lack of experience and ability to handle the intricate process of RDA administration may lead you to more expenses.

An RDA administration firm will focus on one task alone -- handling the magazine display allowance. If the publishers do not pay on time, the RDA administration firm will work on it by submitting follow-up requests. It will also handle the contract signing and other complicated paperwork so you don't have to deal with them. Working with a professional who knows the ins and outs of RDA administration will even help you to maximize your earnings potential, not just save your money.

An RDA administration firm will be a dependable partner in your business. It will remove the stress of managing the RDA tasks and let you turn your focus back on selling the products in your store. Make sure that the RDA administration firms are legitimate and licensed to run a business so that you can always rely on someone who does the accurate, fair, and timely reporting to the publishers. When this happens, you will receive the rebate that is rightly accorded to you. It will even encourage you to sell more magazine titles, which will translate into bigger profits.

What are you waiting for? Hire an RDA administration firm to handle the magazine display allowance tasks and enjoy the increase in your profit margin!

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