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Front end Merchandising Secrets for Any Retailer

Part of the secret of success for any retailer is strategic and innovative front end merchandising. Front end sales provide something for retailers who are looking to boost their income.

Enhancing your front end displays will surely entice your customers to pick up and buy the items at your store. This is especially true when it comes to selling magazines, which can be quite a bit of the front end income. Here we reveal some of the front end merchandising secrets that any retailer should take note:

1. Make the purchases highly visible
When the product is highly visible to the shoppers it may prompt them to make an impulse purchase. To increase the visibility of your products, they should be placed in a way that the buyers would most likely buy them. In placing magazines, for instance, just keep them at eye level, of three to five feet, to allow people to see and buy them. It's highly recommended to include signage that is attractive enough to entice buyers to check the items out, and possibly buy them.

2. Understand the purchasing behavior of customers
If you take time to study the buying habits of the customer's buying habits will help you to adapt to their needs and wants. Knowing their psychological triggers will allow you to sell the right products near the checkout counters:

  • Urgency – For example, if you put an "available for a limited time only" sale at the front end display, shoppers realize that they won't be able to buy such items for long. This provokes the buyers' sense of urgency, and they will take advantage of the sale by buying the items.
  • Value – Any customer would be hard-pressed to resist a "great value" item if they chance upon it at the checkout counter. For instance, if they see a "buy one, take one" promo of the same items, customers think they will save some money by buying them.
  • Excitement or novelty – Many people love to see something new, fresh, novel, and original whenever we shop. That's why many shoppers take some time to walk through aisles to see if there's anything new. But you can take advantage of the new products by placing them near the checkout counter -- this will help the shoppers save time from walking through the aisles.

3. Keep your displays clean and organized
This is the fundamental rule where product displays are concerned, and of course this should be applied to front end merchandising displays as well. Also, make sure that the racks are well-stocked. In-depth research was conducted by the San Diego State University which revealed that people are less likely to buy from shelves and racks that are low in stock or are disorganized, than from organized, neat, and well-stocked shelves and racks -- whether you're selling magazines or something else.

Make sure, too, that you get rid of anything that gets in the way of point-of-sale products. Clear them of side-stacks, floor stands and moveable displays that obscure the point-of-sale displays and make them inaccessible to shoppers. Because some of the items (like candies, batteries, cosmetic items and magazines) are the ones that generate high-impulse sales, every day counts. So if you want to boost your profits, remove these blockages off these front end displays.

4. Include products when selling magazines
It's a good idea to include products that are mentioned or featured on the magazine's cover. For instance, if the fashion magazine's cover mentions "Six Easiest Hairstyles for Busy Women" they can include styling gels or shampoos next to the magazines as well as on the front shelves. If a food and drink magazine has a cover of delicious Thanksgiving meal, include ingredients next to magazines and near the checkout counters.

5. Change it up
It helps to regularly re-arrange or change your merchandise at your store. The racks near the checkout counter should be changed or updated at least every two weeks.

If you understand the purchasing behavior of your buyers as well as you keep your front end merchandising displays organized, tidy, well-stocked, and highly visible, those factors will definitely engage buyers to come to your store more often. The more customers buy your front end merchandise, you may be able to double or triple your income!

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