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Front End Merchandising Ideas for the New Year

Front End merchandising is one of the most effective ways for companies to market their products. A good deal, paired with the unbeatable visibility front end merchandising offers, can quickly add additional monies to a company’s bottom line even if the initial offer doesn’t result in huge (or any) profit. Front end merchandising often gives products a tremendous amount of exposure. Savvy companies are working hard to come up with new ideas to take advantage of front end merchandising for the New Year.

Novelty and creativity are important. When customers become familiar with the front end merchandising “tricks of the trade,” those offers start to become “invisible.” Customers often stop paying attention to them which has the potential to cut into profits and neutralize a company’s exposure. Below are a few innovative front end merchandising ideas for the New Year.

  a. Cross-Promotion: Cross promoting magazines or books with products that their target market is sure to be interested in is a great way for a company to expand its reach. It can also be a very good way to save money because companies that cross-promote will often share costs. It is important for businesses to carefully consider what complimentary markets might share a similar customer base. If a partnership or cross-promotion makes sense, it may be a good idea to pitch it.
  b. Contests: Contests, when done correctly, can be effective. People love the idea of winning a contest and prize. One way to make the most of front end merchandising is to run a contest of some kind. In exchange for a customer’s contact information and/or proof of purchase, he or she will be automatically enrolled for a chance to win a prize.
  c. Raffles: Many companies host raffles and with great success. A company that has its product in front of the store can make the most of that opportunity by holding a raffle. Doing so can generate a great deal of excitement if the prize is a quality one. It is also a way to capture prospective customer’s contact information.
  d. Mail-in Rebates: Advertising front end merchandise with a rebate can entice more people to purchase a product. Best of all, a large percentage of buyers don’t redeem mail-in rebates.

Front end merchandising definitely means more exposure. Whether or not it means more sales will depend on a number of factors, amongst them the offer, the display and the price. Innovative front end merchandising ideas for 2012 include the use of mail-in rebates, raffles, contests and cross-promotions.

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