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Front-End Merchandising Can Help You Sell Magazines

Front-end merchandising is one key to help you sell magazines and boost your profits, especially when you've learned how to maximize its potential.

According to recent research, it has been shown that almost one-fifth of all customers will buy something off the checkout stand, and that includes the magazines. This research only goes to show the decline in front-end purchasing over the last several years. The changing preferences of the consumers can be attributed to this effect.

Understanding these changes will help you adjust better to the needs of your customers. The adjustments can affect the changing preferences of your customer base and may increase your ability to sell magazines. The better you are at adjusting your marketing, of course, the more chances you have of adding profitability to your business.

One of the ways to increase profitability is a point-of-sale (POS) display. A point-of-sale display is a promotional presentation where goods such as magazines are displayed in the vicinity of the point-of-sale or checkout counter. These goods may be displayed on the counter itself, beside the counter, behind the counter, or in the lines that lead up to the checkout.

The idea of the point-of-sale display is to draw the customer's attention while they're walking to the counter, or standing on the line towards the counter. Since point of sale displays are primarily geared for impulse buying, consumers - who may be bored by the long line at the checkout counter, for instance - may get distracted by a particular item and buy it on an impulse. It may be triggered by the customer's desire to satisfy their cravings, a desire to look better, to improve their mood or confidence, or to raise their status or image. Whatever the reason, impulse purchases at the checkout can result in profits.

To show how impulse buying generates income, an article written by Usmani Ghani, PhD and Farzand Ali Jan, PhD, stated that 90% of consumers make impulse purchases occasionally. It also stated that 20% of what shoppers buy when they're grocery shopping accounts for impulse choices. The study goes on to say that about $4.2 billion has been generated by impulse buying alone. Most of the items purchased on impulse are candies and magazines.

Magazines are usually displayed at the end of the aisle facing the counter, or beside the counter. But there are more creative ways and styles of point-of-sale displays, such as disposable displays, printed cardboard displays, as well as posters and banners which can be displayed around the store. You may also want to display magazines at a point-of-sale display using shelf edging, mobiles, and racks.

Some more creative retailers are using eye-catching colorful displays, or displays with blinking electronic lights to draw the attention of the customer. These creative displays will increase the chances of customers making impulse purchases. This can often include one or more magazine titles that customers may pick up while waiting for their turn to check out.

Some products such as magazines are prone to impulse purchases, so if you know which products sells well; put them in the vicinity of the point-of-sale counter or at the premium locations of front-end merchandising. This will boost the chances of increasing your sales and profits.

Another way to increase sales is to take advantage of signature products and seasonal sales. You can mount highly creative displays that feature these products.

Front-end merchandising, once implemented in the right way, can help increase your sales and your profits. A little effort won't hurt - just a few changes at front-end displays - to boost your sales and income. It only takes your understanding of your customer's purchasing habits and the income potential of some of the products to provide you an effective idea on how to develop appealing front-end displays that feature a wide variety of products. This will also give your customers more choices. The larger number of products (such as a variety of magazines on display) on your front-end display means the more chance of increasing your sales and income through front-end merchandising.

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