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Front-End Management Services: Maximize Your Magazine Promotions

The use of front-end management services is an excellent way for a magazine publisher to maximize its sales. Many magazine owners or publishers will opt to work with a front-end management firm for this very reason. It allows them to improve their sales without doing any of the “heavy lifting.” The management firm will take care of everything from designing the racks, coming up with promotional ideas and placement arrangement. A good management firm can help increase sales significantly, in some cases, up to 60%.

A front-end management firm will perform a number of duties, many of which are listed above. These will be discussed in more detail below. Please note: this is an abbreviated list. It is not a comprehensive one.

  a. Designing the magazine rack: The design of a magazine rack is extremely important. It determines how magazines are situated and whether or not potential consumers get a good look at them. While it is not always possible to have control over the design of the magazine rack; it is wise for a company to fully take advantage of the circumstance should it present itself. A good front-end management service will be sure to use this to your advantage.
  b. Promotional ideas: Coming up with promotional ideas that resonate with consumers is a difficult skill. Being able to separate the companies with average promotions and those with extraordinary ones. It is important to look for management companies that have a reputation for coming with excellent promotional ideas. These companies give magazine publishers the best chance of doing something really, special with its promotions and subsequent sales. A company should always ask to see a management services portfolio before agreeing to work with them. Doing so will save them both time and money.
  c. Placement arrangement: The best spots for magazines are up high on the racks where the eye naturally falls. When a shopper is in line, their eyes will naturally gravitate to the magazines closer to eye level, only after viewing those, will most look down and check out the other magazines. A front-end management services firm that can help secure the best placement will be the most beneficial to magazine publishers, namely, to their bottom line.

In Summary
A front-end management services firm can be a huge benefit to magazine publishers. Management services can help in a variety of areas including magazine rack design, promotional ideas and placement arrangements. Each of these things is very important when it comes to maximizing magazine sales.

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