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Front-End Management Can Help Retailers Sell More Magazines

With smart front-end management, your chances of selling more magazines and boosting your profits increase. Customers' tastes can change quite quickly so it's important that retailers adapt to the fast-changing trends.

Recent research reveals that almost one-fifth of all customers will purchase items off the checkout stand, and one of those items includes magazines. It goes to show the remarkable decline in front-end purchasing over the last several decades. One of the factors of this decline in front-end sales is the customers' changing preferences.

A better understanding of these changes will most likely lead to better front-end management, which will mean selling more magazines and boosting profits. Here are some of the innovative ways to sell more magazines.

  1. A point-of-sale display (POS) is one of the most effective means of selling magazines in retail stores. Display your magazines beside or near the point-of-sale or checkout counter. You can also display magazines on the lines that lead to the counter, so that people may check them out as they are waiting in line to make their purchases. The purpose of the point-of-sale display is to catch the attention of the customers, who may be bored as they are standing too long at the checkout counter. They will be distracted by the items on or near the counter and may then buy it on impulse.
  2. It's important to make your magazine displays highly visible. Place your magazine displays at eye-level at the register, rather than, say at the back of the counter. It will offer a better view for customers who will most likely buy them.
  3. To make a greater impact with your magazine displays, present them in an eye-catching, attention-grabbing manner. A cardboard display is one of the most cost-effective ways of doing this through POS displays, free-standing display units, and display stands. Many of these cardboard displays come in attractive colors and designs. You may also have them customized according to your preference.
  4. More and more retailers are being creative in displaying magazines. You can follow their creative methods by putting up more colorful signage, or electronic signage that produces a blinking effect. These creative displays will help increase the chance of impulse buying from customers. Along with the inventive signage, display at least a couple of magazine titles which the customer will likely pick up and buy. You can never go wrong with signage that would catch the eye and demand the attention of the buyers.
  5. Put some strategy in your magazine displays. For example, think of introducing new and hot products to your retail store, and then display your best-selling magazines alongside them. Position the items in the most attractive way possible. Don't forget to take advantage of the seasonal sales.

Front-end management is not at all that difficult as it initially appears to be, but requires a little effort which will make a big difference to your magazine sales and profits. It only takes an understanding of customer's changing trends as well as keeping up-to-date on what's hot in the market today. These are things you can do at the front-end that will be effective. Providing attractive front-end displays that boast a variety of products will also leave more choices for your customers. In the end, it's a win-win situation for both -- you as a retailer and your customers. The customers get to buy the magazines and other items that they want while you watch your profits increase because of wise front-end management.

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