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Magazine Promotions: Effective Promotions Will Make or Break Your Titles

How well you understand effective magazine promotions will make or break your titles. Failing to promote a magazine successfully may mean the titles flounder and possibly fail. It is possible to learn these skills or you can reach out to a company that specializes in magazine promotions that get results.

Obviously, the goal of promoting any magazine or product is to make a profit. Ask the retailer for prime shelf space out in front where the magazine is easy to see, which means more people are likely to pick it up, find something they want to read and purchase the magazine. Working with the store to get the best space will take time and effort, but it can make a huge difference in profits.

Develop and stick to a promotional calendar. Most retailers work around major holidays or specific events. They begin planning sales related to these events three to six months in advance. As the time for the event draws near, you will see items begin appearing on the shelves and prices adjusted accordingly. Planning several special events each year will keep customers coming back and the profits rolling in.

Magazines are a little trickier to promote using a specific calendar, but it is not impossible. Publishers already use this type of calendar when planning the magazine. Your goal is to use those same ideas to promote magazines so people will want to buy them.

During January, millions in the United States watch the Super Bowl. You can use this time of year to run a special promotion on football magazines. Place sports magazines near the front of the store where “Game Day” snack foods are on display. You could also set up a demonstration of specific game day foods, with samples, that were featured in a cooking magazine.

Craft magazines and cooking magazines are popular before holidays. Think about the crafts children can do prior to Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. You will also notice magazines featuring recipes to make these holidays a culinary success. Capitalize on the holidays by setting up a craft magazine display near the crafts department. Place magazines with recipes for Christmas goodies near the baking section of the store.

Come up with new ideas to include on your promotional calendar. Local events can be the perfect choice for promoting magazine titles that pertain to the event. Learn to think outside of the box when planning effective magazine promotions each year.

If planning and executing magazine promotions seems too difficult, reach out to a professional company to handle this task for you. When you work with a group that is experienced, they will be able to offer effective magazine promotion campaigns that guarantee your title’s success.

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