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Can a Retailer Handle Magazine Retail Invoicing?

A retail display allowance (RDA) refers to the compensation or reward that a retailer receives for selling a specific item. Here in this case, the discussion is about a magazine RDA, a reward the retailer receives from the publisher by selling magazine titles. Most of the RDA's are paid in the form of monetary reimbursement.

A magazine RDA provides a good opportunity for retailers to sell more magazine titles, thus adding more income to their profit margin. Can a retailer handle magazine retail invoicing or other requirements related to magazine RDA?

Actually, managing magazine retail invoicing involves more work that it appears. Retailers may look for a publisher who offers an RDA incentive (not all publishers offer it). Once they find such a publisher, retailers naturally request an RDA contract from the former (or national distributor). Retailers may have to deal with up to 15 publishers depending on the number of magazines being solicited. This can be time consuming and often confusing if the retailer hasn't handled RDA in the past.

After filling in the forms and other pertinent documents, as well as meeting other requirements, the retailer now receives the contract from the publisher. Usually, a written contract must exist between the retailer and the publisher before the retailer starts his business.

That's how managing the RDA truly goes, which involves tracking down and recording all the titles sold, and writing down the invoices to be sent to the publisher. And it doesn't end there if the publisher is behind on payment, the retailer must follow up with the publisher to ensure they receive the payments they deserve.

Retailers are supposed to do only one job: to sell magazines. However, it sounds quite tempting for retailers to manage the magazine RDA's on their own because they believe they can save money instead of paying others, so they will earn more money in return. But the reality is that magazine retail invoicing is more difficult than it seems. The work is complex and time consuming. The retailers' lack of experience involving magazine retail invoicing could lead them to spend more than they think they will.

Even if the retailer has knowledge about magazine retail invoicing, doing so by themselves may otherwise take them away from their original focus on selling magazines or the other items in their store.

Hiring a professional RDA administration firm will reduce the chance of them being affected by these burdens. The RDA administration firm can do everything from obtaining contracts from the publishers to updating their payments, while leaving you to do the job of selling magazines and other products.

You may have to spend some money to obtain a separate contract from the RDA administration firm (since it is not an affiliate of the publisher). It will likely be small when compared to the unnecessary expenses you would spend to make up for the possible mistakes that could be made when you attempt to do the job yourself.

An experienced and professional RDA firm such as Premiere Retail Services, Inc. will not only handle magazine retail invoicing for the retailer, it will maximize the retailer's earnings potential. Professional firms assure first-rate reporting accurately and promptly to publisher, and this will boost the retailer's profit margin. The more earnings the store receives, the more incentive for the retailer to sell a wider variety of magazine titles.

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