Custom Checkout Racks

Front-end merchandising



  SURVEY - maximize the profit potential of your front-end business! Accurate ordering of display equipment is essential – complete with listing of all potential custom auxiliary racks for specific individual store needs.
  MANUFACTURE - we produce the highest quality rack – guaranteed for the life of the program! Our effective engineering and efficient production generates “just-in-time” delivery of our products!
  PLAN-o-GRAM (Magazines) - our Front-End Management Department uses national, regional and rest-of-market sales data in the building of magazine plan-o-grams. Included in our analysis is category & title trending based on local expertise. Maximizing the potential in retail sales while taking full advantage of appropriate publisher promotional (IPO) dollars!
  INSTALLATION - “turn-key” program, a single source providing professional rack resets for all varieties of product lines with minimal store and customer interruption. Better coordinate deliveries with installations – solve all “unplanned” situations quickly through direct communication with our facility.
  DISPOSAL - removal from store property within three (3) days after new rack installations. All of Premiere’s racks are recyclable!
  INVOICING - an industry leader offering accurate invoicing for all vendors. We will use the vendors format for invoicing to expedite payments. Flexible administration – complete invoicing documentation for our client to invoice the vendors or for Premiere to handle the process.
All of our services appear as separate “line item” charges on our quote sheet, offering flexibility in selectiing the services that best fit your needs!
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