Custom Checkout Racks

Front-end merchandising


Checkout Racks

We specialize in creating custom checkout racks with a unique style that is Retailer-driven, designed to meet your marketing strategies and objectives. We avoid the mentality of manufacturing a “one-rack-style-fits-all” approach – striving to build a display vehicle to keep pace with the changing buying habits of the consumer.

We are successfully working with Grocery Wholesalers on a “stock rack” program for their Owner/Members – displaying magazines, confection and peg items - providing displays, plan-o-grams, invoicing and collections.

We have an exciting new concept rack – a modular/sectional rack – with interchangeable parts offering display flexibility.

The advantage we offer is spelled C-U-S-T-O-M . . . our customers create a checkout rack to meet their needs and their store configurations, with unmatched quality, competitively priced with on-time delivery.

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